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National Emotional Wellness Month

Since October is National Emotional Wellness Month, we wanted to take this opportunity to share a few enticing approaches being initiated by Architects, Tenants and/or Building Mangers that encourage and promote a positive emotional wellness experience while at the office.

For now, remote work will continue to provide the most care and comfort for all, but we are seeing an upward trend from many of our clients seeking to mimic that same experience within the office environment.  Mostly by enlarging or expanding new amenities and conveniences.  Such as, more elaborate kitchen layouts to host catered lunches or company events; adding snack & coffee bars; bike racks and added wellness rooms that include garden spaces.  Many buildings throughout the city are adding or enhancing their fitness centers which now include a full range of free-weights, HIIT or LISS cardio, yoga & meditation rooms; and spin classes equipped with Peloton bikes.

Others are reimagining the office atmosphere and repurposing it by simply introducing a new color palette which can greatly improve mood and activity; the addition of more natural lighting; adding plants, cheerful décor or by incorporating ergonomic furniture & fixtures, for instance, sit-to-stand desks and air purification systems.  Many are creating more collaborative workspaces and open floorplan concepts that include huddle rooms or added conference rooms with broadened technology capabilities.  Some have elected to offer a complete refresh including common area spaces with touch-free components to make the entire workplace environment a much more enjoyable and inclusive space for all.  Collectively, we’ve seen these as betterments that boost employees’ desire to feel equally at ease at the office as they do remotely.

One of the few silver linings we can draw from this experience thus far is the office can be and will be a safe and reassuring space for individuals that not only advocates for positive emotional wellness but also, allows teams to create confidently, collaborate safely and inspire productivity.  At Garland, being an integral part of the safe return to the office but with an emphasis on individual wellness has elevated our own sense of purpose as construction managers.  We look forward to continuing to partner with our clients and prospective clients whom have put the spotlight on investing in emotional wellness within their infrastructure and cultures.