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A Decade of Building with Garland

Durkin 32 Edited

Sometimes it is hard to find the ‘right’ words when recognizing milestone anniversaries but when we recruited Brian Hurley and Joe DiBiase, whom are both celebrating a decade of building with Garland, we can only be humbled by their tenure.

These gentlemen now join Garland’s “Original Six” and together, they form our most cherished GBC team, our Brand Ambassadors.  These veterans embody our brand ethos and it is through their exemplary leadership and masterful talents that our clients, associates and subcontractors remain incredibly devoted to us as their trusted contracting partner.

To Joe and Brian, you both play a vital role in the prosperity of our company and we are incredibly privileged to have you call Garland home!!!  You have not only earned the trust, admiration and respect of your colleagues, peers and clients but as “influencers”, you inspire newcomers to ascend to this admirable status of distinction.  Bravo!